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Legal Services & Community Engagement 

Bicycle Accidents & Personal Injury

I am a Personal Injury and Bike Law Specialist.

I practice in many areas of Personal Injury and Human Rights Law. My team and I are responsive and knowledgable. We will assist you with getting the immediate benefits you need, as well as the long term compensation you are entitled to by law

Sexual Assault & Violence Claims

Violence and its impact are not uniform, but as a survivor myself, I am the thoughtful advocate you need on your side. I have been assisting clients with sexual assault and other violence claims for many years. I am compassionate and able to help you with even the most difficult and devastating cases.

Disability Benefit Denials

I represent clients who have been denied benefits under either a group disability insurance policy or a private policy. Insurers all too often deny coverage for those facing serious physical and mental health illnesses. Contact me for a free consult about your disability benefits denial.

Speaking Events & Workshops

I offer dynamic speaking engagements. I am comfortable in front of small groups in a bike shop or large auditoriums. I can offer a variety of informative bike safety and other legal presentations. I consider it a duty and a privilege to engage people and educate them on their rights.

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