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Dave is a dedicated advocate for individuals who have suffered injuries and those in need. Dave has 8 years of personal injury and human rights law experience. Before founding the Biking Lawyer LLP, Dave worked at a premier Toronto Bay Street litigation and personal injury law firm. He then worked with one of Canada’s leading disability and human rights lawyers.


Aside from being a passionate and accomplished lawyer, Dave is also a survivor of violence and a bike crash victim. He knows all too well what it means to personally go through recovery and navigate sometimes unforgiving systems. Dave is uniquely qualified to represent survivors of violence and other injured people as a result of this shared experience.


“I am blessed and thankful for my recovery. My experiences have made me determined to use what I have learned to help my clients.”


As a fierce litigator, Dave advocates on all fronts for his clients. In the courts, in the press, with insurers, treatment providers, and government, including the city and police, where necessary.

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